Mountain experiences in autumn

5 reasons why the mountains are definitely worth a visit at this time


Red, orange and yellow. In autumn, the woods that we are more than blessed with in the Hohe Salve region present themselves in their most colorful attire. The air is clear, the sky deep blue, the sun is warm and creates breathtaking plays of light on the meadows and fields. Reasons enough to lace up your hiking boots and set out for nature.

#The finest views


In autumn, the long-distance views in the mountains are the best of the year. The air is clear, the peaks well-defined, and you can see so far into the distance that Austria seems gigantic all of a sudden. Thus, it goes without saying that this season is the perfect opportunity for long-distance views from “Tyrol’s no. 1 panoramic mountain”, the Hohe Salve. On marked paths including varieties for every hiking level, you can hike up to 1,829 meters above sea level. The mountain, which is part of the Kitzbühel Alps, can be reached easily via gondola from Hopfgarten as well as from Söll. On top, you will be rewarded with a 360° panoramic view of the Grossglockner, the Grossvenediger, the High Tauern range with 70 three-thousanders, the Rofan ridge and the Wilder Kaiser. So: Pack your binoculars and make the most out of the clear view!

TIP: Pictures like using a filter


On the lake circuit on Salvenberg, you pass by as much as three marvelous lakes reflecting the magnificent landscape in the colors of the fall season.

Now it’s time to pull out the phone and effortlessly snap the shot of the season for your Instagram profile – high contrast, luscious colors, and best of all: No filter needed!

#2 Great temperatures & cool for kids


While it was just so hot that, in case of doubt, a day of bathing at the lake was preferred to a hiking trip at all times, temperatures are now perfect for some exercise in natural surroundings. The air is cool, the sun still warm. Steady marching encourages the circulation, the body produces exactly the warmth that it needs. Our lungs are filled with the pleasantly fresh mountain air and our cells feel as if on a rejuvenating treatment.


Speaking of young: A trip to the mountains can also be a fun adventure for children. In the Kitzbühel Alps, dinosaurs, witches and ghosts have been spotted! Off we go to a unique mountain adventure with the little ones! Whether it is at the Triassic Park, on Timok‘s Coaster in Fieberbrunn, Ellmi’s Magic World in Ellmau, or at one of the numerous other adventure worlds where kids and families can find tons of entertainment.


Tip: Get inspiration for excursion destinations and adventure world in the KITZBÜHEL ALPS

#3 Sprouting mushrooms


Mushrooms are in season! For some, picking mushrooms is a distinct pastime activity. They take off fully equipped with baskets and scanner vision and know exactly which places to graze each year. But even without a lot of expertise, it’s fun to take a look around while trekking and maybe discover some nice specimen to fry in the pan in the evening. Once you have found the first parasol mushroom and one or two porcini, you will quickly be encouraged to find more. With kids, this can end up in a real mushroom rally. But even adults are caught by the spirit of discovery and picking frenzy!


Tips for mushroom picking

Cut with a sharp kitchen knife

Carry in a basket or cotton cloth

Only take mushrooms that can be determined as non-toxic with absolute certainty


Caution: Picking mushrooms is restricted or even forbidden in natural reserves and core zones of the national parks. The SPORTRESORT HOHE SALVE reception is the best place to inform yourself about the regulations in the region!

#4 Amazing animals & beautiful plants


“On foot, you can observe better”, as already the painter Paul Klee knew. Hiking awakens our senses: We see, feel, hear and smell our surroundings more intensely than usual – and we also get a new sense of our selves again. Squirrels that jump from tree to tree, birds that poke around for insects in the undergrowth, and the rustle of the shrubbery that doesn’t reveal who caused it. We can experience all of this if we just take the time to pause for a moment and observe the bustle of the animals as well as the beauty of the plants on either side of the path. The same diversity of experience that allows us to move around in these natural surroundings is also offered by the Hohe Salve region with regard to hiking paths and trails.

#5 Functional clothing & fresh air


Should it be raining on your autumn trip, this is just a perfect opportunity to finally take out the super fancy high-tech rain jacket with triple membrane, which has been patiently awaiting employment for most of its life in the closet. Not to forget the waterproof hiking boots, and off we go to the open countryside. Such a tour in the drizzle can even be romantic. The air is amazing, it feels purifying and there is this really special quiet. Now the cheese dumpling soup in front of the warming tiled stove at the cozy hut tastes even better! Also, the SAUNA AND THE INFRARED CABIN feel twice as good after the return to the SPORTRESORT.